Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mr Lohr Supports Fracking

Mr John Lohr, MLA for Kings County and a candidate for the leadership of the NS Progressive Conservative Party, is pretty much a clone of Stephen Harper. There isn't much in the way of development of our natural resources that would give him pause; he is already on record as supporting any effluent treatment process that Northern Pulp wishes to employ (that would include a pipe into the Strait). He wants to lift the ban on fracking, despite the fact that no-one makes any money on fracking, and despite the fact that most of the leftover fracking water in Nova Scotia had to be treated at taxpayer expense a few years ago.

He also wants to privatise the NSLC. That Corporation is one hundred per cent owned by the Province, which means that the Premier and Cabinet can direct the business practices of the corporation at will. They can run it like a private business if they want to - just give direction to the CEO. And by the way, the Corp also returns over $300 million to the province in profits every year.

Privatising the NSLC is code for: I have some friends who think that they can make some money off this . . .

The worrisome part in all of this is that the next leader of the NS PC Party will very likely be the next premier. The election is his/hers to lose.

I am a voting member of the PC Party of NS and Mr Lohr wants my vote. Here's the latest pitch he sent me:

Did you see these media reports?
Despite an Energy Department report that estimates between $20 and $60 Billion worth of Natural Gas on mainland Nova Scotia, the Liberals said they have no intention of lifting their 2014 ban of onshore natural gas development.
Last week the Premier was asked what Nova Scotia will do when we run out of natural gas.
His answer?
We'll just ship it in from Alberta. (, May 17, 2018, "When the gas runs out")
Can you believe that? That's his plan.
Think of how many jobs natural gas development would create and sustain here at home.
It's time to bring common sense back to Nova Scotia, and that starts with reversing this Liberal ban on fracking.
As leader of a Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Government I will reverse this ban immediately.
Communities won't be forced to frack, but they won't be blocked from developing their resources, either.
Will you sign the petition and support giving Nova Scotia communities the freedom to choose if they wish to develop natural resources?
John Lohr Campaign

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